I am currently finishing my graduate studies in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT.

I am writing my dissertation under the supervision of Professor Sally Haslanger. Precisifying Art Pluralism focuses on issues in the philosophy of art and metaphysics. Provoked by the seemingly deadlocked state of the debate regarding the nature of art, the overarching goal of my project is to provide a unified account that explains the complexity of art while addressing the problems that have lead to disagreements in the literature. I argue for what I call focal-looping art pluralism, providing an aesthetic account of art that explains the existence, attractiveness, and effectiveness of other formally-rival accounts.

Before coming to MIT I graduated with my BA in Philosophy (summa cum laude) from UC Berkeley where I was lucky to work with John MacFarlane and Paolo Mancosu. Before that I studied philosophy at City College of San Francisco, and before that I made conceptual artwork at the San Francisco Art Institute. I left art school to study philosophy because I didn’t understand the nature of art. I guess it all comes full circle in the end!