I am currently at Lecturer at the University of Rhode Island in the philosophy department. I have a deep conviction that being a teaching philosopher is the most valuable activity I can engage in as an academic. I believe that teaching philosophy positively influences our communities and our society by equipping students with the vital tools of critical self-examination and the ability to constructively approach disagreements with others; my primary goal as a teaching philosopher is to empower my students with these tools and abilities.

My research interests are broad ranging: aesthetics and the philosophy of art, metaphysics, philosophical and formal logic, the work of Kant, philosophy of food, and issues in applied ethics. She completed her dissertation, Precisifying Art Pluralism, under the supervision of Sally Haslanger in the philosophy department at MIT in the fall of 2016. That project focused on a continued consideration of art as a complex metaphysical kind, as well as the nature and importance of aesthetic experience.

Before attending MIT I graduated with my BA in Philosophy (summa cum laude) from UC Berkeley where I was lucky to work with John MacFarlane and Paolo Mancosu. Before that I studied philosophy at City College of San Francisco, and before that I made conceptual artwork at the San Francisco Art Institute.